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We are building Shores Records

This means we are improving on our abilities to build a new line of services which we want to make available for booking. You've been granted access to a website that is in an early stage. As we hone our skills we will add contents for our artists and aspiring music producers.

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Seeking the Timeless Recording

We've been on a quest for decades, the search for a sound that at one hand rivals the perfection of an expectation, that was formed through life-long music consumption (music of all kinds and genres, and those who lived beyond any categories), and on the other hand to reach a level of timelessness, a sound that will work in the Nineties, the Aughts, as well as the Teens, and what more to come?

Though for a long time our recordings stood out being unique and different, they never reached quite the quality I would have liked to present to a broader audience. But then most of us starting out at that time and age know of the struggles in obtaining decent equipment, knowledge, and skills.

Today paints a very different picture; decent tools have become more available, and so the know-how. Shores Canada Ltd. (the company that fulfilles the services offered at Shores Records) has made it its mission to bring knowledge and helpful information into the Internet to the hands of those artists that are on a quest of their own.

In opening up some of the music production services (the ones we do for our own pleasure) to a broader clientele, we are hoping to perfect our skills and advance with that quest of ours. At the same time we are eager to share the knowledge we obtain with our fellow artists, visitors, and other producers. We love music, and we desire to support the community of creators and specific artists with this undertaking.

Though this project is a work in progress, we hope that our work and dedication can help open doors for others, and that our strive will help to bring unique and beautiful music to a growing audience.

Latest News

  • Frequency Range and the Audio Spectrum (Tips for a Better Production) Thursday, August 03, 2017

    Audio engineers like to group frequencies into specific bands residing within the audio spectrum. Find out more about the frequency range and some information on common groupings like e.g. sub bass, midrange, and presence.

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  • Moonshine Reflections (News from Artists) Sunday, July 16, 2017

    Andy Strohkirch is finishing up the early stages of the songwriting process for a new release with the working title "Moonshine Reflections", that is scheduled to begin recording later this year.

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  • Website Release for Shores Records (News from Shores Records) Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    On July 11, 2017 Shores Canada Ltd. released a preview of the new website for Shores Records at

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  • Shores Records on Social Media (News from Shores Records) Monday, July 03, 2017

    Our team at Shores Canada Ltd. has created a set of accounts on common social media platforms to be able to connect with you!

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