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Types of Resources

  • Glossary contains a list of terms with explanations relating to the subject of music production
  • Software for music producers
  • Books for music producers
  • Links to external resources

Books for Music Producers

On these pages we have listed a selection of books, ebooks, and manuals that we think could be useful for our artists and aspiring music producers on their journey to improve the production level of their audio recordings.

If you are missing a book that you think would be useful, or if any of the links are outdated, then please let us know.

dtv-Atlas Music, Volume 2

Ulrich Michels

dtv-Atlas Music, Volume 2 — German Language (Ulrich Michels)

dtv-Atlas Music, Volume
2 — German Langauge
(Ulrich Michels)


Baroque – Classical – 19th century (romantic) – 20th century (vocal and instrumental music from various countries and composers)

The two-volume ›dtv-Atlas Music‹ outlines the basic principles and history of music and the associated science of musicology. The atlas is divided into theoretical and historical sections, the focus being on the history of music.

In accordance with the dtv-atlas format, the detailed pages of text are juxtaposed with colour charts, graphics, diagrams and examples of musical notation which serve to illustrate and clarify the context. An extensive index of the abbreviations, symbols and Italian terms, as well as a detailed subject index help to make the atlas an authoritative and accessible work of reference.

Ulrich Michels

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Michels, was born in 1938, and studied music, musicology and German. He obtained a doctorate from the University of Freiburg and has been lecturing at the State Academy of Music at the University of Karlsruhe from 1972 to 2008. He died in 2015.


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